The travel industry can be highly competitive and very lucrative which makes our Premium Travel Domains that much more valuable. Back in 2014 AdGooroo released its annual report providing insight into U.S. travel advertising, which was mentioned as the 7th highest spending paid search category. Here are some of the statistics:

  • About 12,700 advertisers spent more than $750 million on more than 50,000 travel-related keywords in Google AdWords.
  • Those keywords averaged a 4.18 percent click-through rate at an average cost per click of $0.86

Gaining the edge in this industry is critical and destination-specific of keyword-specific domains can help you obtain that edge.

As you will see, we have many Travel related domains available. Some are very specific industry terms and others are location specific. Just like a .COM, a .PL domain has the Global, National and Local ability to impact rankings and is one of the oldest domain extensions.

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