With the dwindling availability of .COMs many people are flocking to other Domain Extensions that will help them secure the branding they desire. The only problem is finding a domain extension that offers comparable potential that a .COM could.

Here are some facts and comparisons regarding .PL domains and why you should secure one:


.PL Domains are Considered Top Level Domains and Global-Powered.

Obtaining global exposure is key with any market and expanding the reach of your company, service, brand or product line to a global market increases your business opportunities. Securing a .PL domain gives you the opportunity to rank both nationally & globally.


.PL Domains Are One of the Oldest Domain Extensions on the Market

The country code domain system was created in the early days of the Domain Name System, and pre-dates ICANN. Take a look at this Wikipedia page, it outlines all the TLDs. Click Here



.PL Domains Can Be Configured to Reach a Global Market in Google

You may be asking how Search Engines will treat a domain such as a .PL and if it can be truly utilized to penetrate a Global market.
The Country Coded Domains send out a strong signal but can be utilized to not only target a whole country, but have a global focus. Also, it can be treated favorably by search engines and the language under “URL Structures” in the CONS section shows that even Google sees that these domains are rare and valuable.

In fact, Google recommends that anyone optimizing a country site label it so it broadcasts globally or to more than one country

Geotargeting settings. You can use the Country targeting tool in Webmaster Tools to indicate to Google that your site is targeted at a specific country. Do this only if your site has a generic top-level domain name. However, don’t use this tool if your site targets more than a single country. For example, it would make sense to set a target of Canada for a site about restaurants in Montreal; but it would not make sense to set the same target for a site that targets French speakers in France, Canada, and Mali. (Per Google)

.PL Domains vs. .TV, .INFO domains

While .Info and .CO are certainly valuable they do not have the global capability of penetrating the market such as a country-code domain, hence why you see the domains available as .info and .co and not with most country codes. Search Engines like Google have even stated they view these Domains as “generic”

Additionally, take a look at the top 500 domain sale statistics here . You won’t see a .info listed but you will see a .DE (country code domain) sold in 2008. sold for $1,169,175 to the CEO of For global brands this is extremely valuable. sold for over $600,000 in 2012. was up for auction on SEDO with bidding starting at 499,000 EURO. sold for $1,099,798 to a global travel company (another country code URL). Another example is .CC which is yet another country coded TLD, sold for $1,000,000. As you peruse the list you will see more .DE domains, more country coded domains included at staggering sale prices. There is an example of a .TV being sold but it’s an example of branding protection, The site is currently a parked domain and likely acquired to protect branding.

Sure, in theory, a person could snatch up the .INFO and .TV, maybe even the .CO but these are fairly new TLDs that have only been in the market a few short years. Therefore their longterm stability from a value and a success standpoint is still an unproven commodity.

The .PL domains are much more tenured, secure and trusted. The country code domain system was created in the early days of the Domain Name System, and pre-dates ICANN. Furthermore as you can see on Wikipedia, the .INFO , .TV and .CO domains are specific to markets only which limits their potential from a universal market standpoint. Essentially, it’s like putting a national ad on a dead end street that only a few people see where the country codes have the potential to reach the entire world.

That’s not to suggest you can’t make an impact with a .INFO and .TV, but the reason they are so readily available is because of their drawbacks.


.PL Domains vs. Other Country Domains

Many of you may be thinking of securing other Country Code Domains and while there is value out there with a select few, there are also challenges with many Country Code Domians that do not exist with our .PL domains

Domains are available such as a .ES (Spain) and for .IT (Italy) but there is a major catch, two actually. Certain countries have express strict rules when registering a domain. Running a TLD means you must comply with all of the obligations of your registry agreement with ICANN. Even more restrictions exist when running a community-based TL and Spain and Italy are among these. Some of these restrictions require your business to be located in that specific country and can limit your capabilities for Global exposure.

On the surface it may indicate that these are additional examples of an equally rare opportunity, but the global market potential is significantly decreased, in theory, due to these registration restrictions. Their restrictions make these domains more stapled to their country and while it certainly doesn’t completely eliminate the chances at making a global push successful, it really limits the progress as both the Country and even search engines like Google, Bing, Baidu, etc could see these restrictions and may steer results toward keeping it’s broadcast signal primarily towards the attached country.

This makes .PL domain that much more valuable and rich with potential.


.PL Domains vs. NEW Vanity Domains

As you already know a lot of new Domains have been introduced and are being introduced to the market. Some of these domains include:












The truth is these are all new and unproven domain extensions that often come with a hefty price tag. Additionally, as the information above indicates, search engines have shown a trend of labeling these as Generic Domains, meaning your potential for extensive market exposure could be severely limited.

These domains may be only of value for securing and protecting branding, but as far as global market potential and potential for a lucrative return, there is no comparison when side-by-side with a .PL Global Domain.