Benefits of a Branded Domain


There are numerous benefits to owning a branded domain. Not only will it impact the industry you are competing within, but it will also have an impact on Search Engine Optimization efforts & Search Engine Ranking Positions (SERPs).

Here is some additional information that demonstrates the benefits of a branded domain:


A study published by Memorable Domains found that “ads featuring a generic domain name with an exact match to the product ( performed significantly better than identical ads featuring an alternative generic ( or non-generic ( domain.” It is worth noting that looks very generic, and doesn’t appear to be relevant to the query. Sorry does this support the EMD or premium domain?

What the study concluded was:

  • An “ideal” generic name was able to produce 45% more clicks across all keywords than a “reasonable” generic alternative.
  • A generic domain name outperforms a non-generic name by delivering a higher CTR and an even higher number of total clicks.
  • Generic domain names perform particularly strongly where search and domain keywords match closely.
  • A generic domain name has potential value in targeting very specific product or service search terms with an appropriate keyword-rich domain.
  • Established brands should consider a generic name for minisites associated with a particular product, service or ad campaign.


A study titled “How generic domain names impact SEM campaigns” shows that ads with the display URL achieved a 298% higher CTR than ads with the display URL However, this study was only based on 34 clicks, which is not enough data to accurately measure the performance difference.Sorry does this support premium domain or EMD?


Industry landscape overview – There are a total of 1751 new TLD applications, comprised of brands (635), generics (1060), and geographies (56). More than half of all brand TLDs fall into financial and technology verticals. Furthermore, 41% of brand TLDs were applied for by Fortune 500 companies, mostly in financial services, retail, technology and transportation.



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